To insure we have a great time, please ask beforehand of any questions regarding my donations.

One hour: $300.00

Two Hours: $500.00

I have 3 Special Offerings detailed below...Great Things Come In Small Packages!

Naughty Delight

The title says it all!

Use your imagination.....

4 hours: $700.00

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Fare and Folly!

Fun, food, and hijinks!

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Great food and lots of fun.

5 hours: $900.00

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Check-In to Check-Out

The title explains it all!

Come and join me from Check-In to Check-Out at a 4-star hotel.

Meet me at 4pm for cocktails at the hotel bar, and then off to our room for some pre-dinner fun. From to dinner, a movie, dancing, or whatever your heart desires.

Upon returning to our quarters, we can snuggle in for some fun for the rest of the evening, until we fall asleep in each other's arms.

Wake up to some morning fun, a hot shower, and breakfast.

And I'll be sure to send you on your way at Check-Out a very happy man!

4pm-11am: $2,000

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